Andy with Camera

An Artful Affair 2019

Peconic Bay Medical Center Foundation & Emilie Roy Corey present An Artful Affair featuring an auction of artwork by local photographer Andrew J. Mitchell, President & CEO, Peconic Bay Medical Center.

Proceeds of all sales will benefit Peconic Bay Medical Center.

About the Artist
It began when I was about 5 years old.  My father had a Leica M3 rangefinder camera, and I was fascinated with how photography captured a snapshot of life.  My father would set up the Leica on a tripod with a Summicron telephoto lens, and we would take picture of birds in our backyard.  With a rangefinder, I got to learn about light, aperture, shutter and film speed.  And, of course, we always had the latest copy of National Geographic as a reference.

When I was in high school, I learned how to develop film and make prints in a darkroom.  In my sophomore year I had the unique opportunity to spend two weeks at Syracuse University’s renowned Newhouse School of Communications learning advanced photographic and darkroom techniques.

As an adult, photography has become a major hobby.  It’s a way to interact with nature.  The East End is an incredible photographic resource that I have come to love.  In addition, I enjoy taking a vacation in the winter and photographing in the Florida Everglades, another incredible location for anyone devoted to nature photography.

While I will always love the simplicity and amazing sharpness of my Leica M3, today I shoot with a Nikon D850 and a series of Nikkor long lenses, especially the 200-400mm f4 and the newer 200-500mm telephoto.  But in the end, it still is all about subject, light and technique.

All available photos are displayed on the right.  Each framed photograph is 18 x 22.  If you wish to purchase, please click on the purple box below and then select which photo in the Photo Selection boxes below.

Please call the Foundation Office at 631-548-6080 to make arrangments to pick up your photograph.  The office is located at:

4 West 2nd St 3rd Floor
Riverhead, NY 11901

For more information or any questions please call 631-548-6080.

To view the catalog click here.

Donation Information
For more information on any giving level, please call 631-548-6080
$ 250.00
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No. 4 - Flying Blue Heron
No 4 Flying Blue Heron

No. 5 - Egret Flying Over Fence
No 5 Egret Flying Over Fence

No. 17 - Anhinga
No 17 Anhinga

No. 19 - Pelican On Pole
No. 19 Pelican on Pole

No. 26 - Egret Head
No 26 Egret Head

No 27. - Eagle On Tree Limb
no 27 Eagle on Tree Limb

No. 31 - Multi Sunflower
No 31 Multi Sunflower